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If I like it you need not necessarily

Various Link Pages Collected Over the Years

And now for some more cool links:

Magazines all over

  1. Sys Admin Magazine
  2. Network Weekly
  3. Network Magazine
  4. The Cybernaut - Computers&the Internet site
  5. Comment: - das Infoblatt des EDVZentrums der Uni Wien
  6. ACM - Association for Computing Machinery:
  7. Not to forget the digital enhancement of Wired Magazine and its counterpart HotWired
  8. Austria One World Site with Südwind - Magazin für Entwicklungspolitik (VOLLVERSION!!)
  9. te/epo/is von Heise, English Version
  10. Get Wired again
  11. German Heise Verlag Publications
    • c't Magazin für Computertechnik, formerly computing today
    • iX Magazin fuer professionelle Nachrichtentechnik
    • Gateway Magazin fü Daten- und Telekommunikation
  12. elrad - Magazin für Elektronik und technische Rechneranwendungen
  13. Chat Circuit for the irc junkies
  14. Medical Journals:
  15. Evolution - austrian eZine by the chamber of commerce (WIrtschaftskammer)
  16. pizza in vienna
  17. Atlantic Unbound - As We May Think by Vannevar Bush 1945: Article on the Future of technical Innovation including information gathering, processing, distribution and access (local copy for backup purposes). recommended on asr